A Home Inspection To Fit Your Needs

What type of inspection do you need? A thorough one from someone you can trust.

Pre-listing Inspections are for the client who is Selling their home. This inspection will help you to be aware of any existing problem areas and where to make possible needed repairs to get your home in the best condition possible before it is placed on the market.

Pre-Sale or Pre- Offer Inspections for the Buyer are the most common inspections. This inspection will help you to be aware of the homes condition before you purchase it. I will inspect all the major systems of your potential home-from the roof to the crawlspace and everything in between. Here’s a perk that your real estate agent will love: the CRL capability available to them when you give them access to your home inspection report. This tool can be used to create a Repair Request List directly from the inspection report. This little tool will be a great help to them and you.

Home Owner Maintenance and Remodeling Inspections– ALL homes need to be maintained. We sometimes overlook what needs to be done to keep our homes in good condition because we see our home all the time and become accustomed to what we see. I will help you to find small maintenance issues before they become large maintenance issues. I will point out the small leak under your sink that has gone unnoticed as well as the leak UNDER your home that you didn’t know was there and even that it may be time for a new coat of paint.

If you are thinking of remodeling your home having me inspect your home before your project could help spare you from spending money in the wrong area. You want to be sure that are no other maintenance or problem areas in your home that should be addressed before you spend money on a renovation or addition project.

Pre-Lease and Pre-Rental Inspections are for anyone who is leasing or renting a house, apartment, or condo. An inspection will show the condition of your rental home or apartment before you move in. If you have proof of the condition of your home prior to moving in it can help you to avoid any misunderstanding with your landlord when you’re moving out.

Investment/Rental Property Inspections. Having your investment property inspected before your purchase will help to identify any areas in the home that need major repairs as well as areas that simply need regular maintenance. Regular inspections of your investment are an invaluable tool for ongoing property maintenance and asset management. Inspecting your properties on a regular basis will help to identify small maintenance issues before they become large maintenance issues. Remodeling Inspections will keep you updated on remodeling projects being done on your investment properties, helping to make sure that you are receiving the quality work that you have paid for and in the timeframe you were promised.