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These are some of the latest reviews for Scheidt Home Inspection. I have been recognized as one of the top Fresno home inspectors by various websites and companies such as Yelp and Home Advisor but most importantly though, by my clients. I am there to work for YOU and am thankful that melody480, a first time home buyer, and christina 479 , a real estate agent, were able to see what I do first hand. Some customers choose not to be present at their home inspections or are unable to for a variety of reasons, but this is what I do for all my clients whether they can be present or not. Thank you for choosing me to be part of your home buying or selling process. –Jerrold Scheidt

Rating #: 126849 (Buyer/Seller)  melody480
Jul 5, 2017 2:40 PM
Rating: 10
I was initially nervous for the home inspection, as anyone would be when purchasing as a 1st time buyer. Jerrold Scheidt did a great job! When we arrived at the property it was just myself, the realtor and Jarrold, 5-10 mins in the contractor that performed the work on the property showed up… that did not stop Jerrold from being honest and letting us know what needed to be fixed/repaired and what he thought had been a “poor” repair. At one point he even asked the contractor “what were you thinking?”…. this is an inspector that works for YOU, not the seller, not the realtor but for YOU! We received our inspection report that same night, easy to read and follow with a lot of detail and pictures to everything inspected. Jerrold Scheidt is a great and thorough inspector. I would recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection.”

Rating #: 126777 (Real Estate Pro)  christina 479
Jul 4, 2017 12:57 AM
Rating: 10
Thank you for your thorough inspection! Quality information and great price. My Buyers are totally satisfied with your inspection and your willingness to answer questions! As first time home buyers you put my clients at ease in explaining the various issues or matters concerning their future home! Thank you again. Will definitely call you for future clients!