Meet Your Certified Home Inspector

My name is Jerrold Scheidt. I am a Certified Home Inspector and the owner of Scheidt Home Inspection

As a deputy sheriff I knew that the community I served had placed their trust in me to protect them. Though I am now retired, I continue to serve my community with that same trust at heart. When I inspect your home, I am doing my best for you. I enjoyed helping people make the best decision possible in a sometimes stressful situation. I want to help you gain the knowledge you need and not be taken advantage of in the process. My goal is to help as many people as possible so I try to keep my prices very reasonable as well.

After my own home inspection experience, I decided that I had to do something to help home buyers. I didn’t want anyone taken advantage of as I had been.

I’d just moved to Fresno and my home inspector was not a good one, to say the least. He not only missed many items but he actually lied about what he inspected leaving me with a crawl space full of broken air conditioning ducts that he’d said were in all working order. Truth is that they were not only broken but they were not even connected to the system!  He knew that I didn’t know anything about his job, that I was in a vulnerable position and he took advantage of it. I knew about building and maintaining a home but nothing about what home inspectors are supposed to do. After I moved into my home I found more things that were not working properly, To this day, I am paying to fix things he said were perfect. I began to do some research and the more I thought about it the more I knew something had to be done. Before you knew it I was deep in study mode.

As a retire deputy, becoming a certified home inspector gave me a way to continue helping those in my community. My background as a handyman, furniture builder, and deputy all require attention to detail and have helped me become a better home inspector.

A home inspection that you can trust will help you in achieving the goals you have ahead of you and I am thankful that you have allowed me to be part of that process.

Thank you for choosing Scheidt Home Inspection,

Jerrold Scheidt