SafeSmart Dryer Vent Services

SafeSmart Dryer Vent Services

Scheidt Home Inspection takes recommendations seriously and has never made a recommendation for professional services before–Until Now.  So, on July of 2017 we proudly recommend SafeSmart Dryer Vent Services  

Clothes take a long time to dry? 

Could this be your problem?

They do an exceptional job and I suggest that my clients follow their recommendations for dryer duct maintenance. Please click on their link and schedule an appointment to get your ducts clean today and tell them that you learned about them from Jerrold at Scheidt Home Inspection.

{Scheidt Home Inspection was not compensated to promote SafeSmart Dryer Vent Services. I chose to recommend them after a demonstration of their services. I was shocked to find out how dangerously clogged my own dryer vents were. There has been no exchange of money for providing this recommendation. A one-time demonstration was provided by them. }