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Home Inspections are intended to provide you with an understanding of your home’s current condition. Though often thought of as unnecessary, home inspections are in fact a critical part of the home buying/home selling process. A thorough home inspection has the potential to save you a lot of money weather you are purchasing, selling, or simply maintaining your home. 

Your home inspection report will state everything that was observed at the time of the inspection.  The inspector will conduct a thorough, visual examination in order to detect defects and deficiencies present at that time. You will be given valuable insights and knowledge about the condition of your home’s major systems and components, as well as recommendations for areas that may need repairs immediately or in the very near future, such as a roof that is need of repairs but is at the end of its lifespan. The goal at Scheidt Home Inspection is to help you be better informed about the condition of your home. 

Your report will not usually have pictures of items that are performing properly. The defect and deficiencies found during your inspection will be reported.

Scheidt Home inspection is located in Fresno, California and is happy to serve the community.

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What is an inspection and what exactly is inspected?

I have made a home inspection report available. Just click here.

Why Scheidt Home Inspection?

Scheidt Home Inspection is a leader among home inspection services in the Fresno and surrounding areas. The owner, Jerrold Scheidt, is an experienced, Certified Professional Home Inspector and is also Certified in Molds and Allergens. He has personally conducted many hundreds of inspections and specializes in residential home inspections.

Whether you are selling or looking to purchase a single or multi- family home, condo, duplex, or small apartment complex, you can be assured that he will use his training and knowledge to work for you. He is very reliable and will arrive at the time reserved for your inspection. As an independent inspector, his responsibility is to you– his client and no one else. You are his customer- Even if your real estate agent contacted him for you.

You can be sure that at Scheidt Home Inspection you will be provided with the most thorough, and unbiased inspection- making it the Best Home Inspection service for you. We are sure that you will be satisfied with our services. You will be provided a comprehensive, easy to read report on the condition of your home, at a reasonable price, and in a reasonable time frame.

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What do our clients and others have to say about us?

Scheidt Home Inspection has been recognized as one of the area’s best home inspectors by various services including a very well known home improvement services corporation that is known worldwide,  Yelp, and by Expertise magazine. What you think of Scheidt Home Inspection and of the service you receive from Jerrold Scheidt is what makes him proud and thankful to serve you. If you’d like to see what his customers have to say, some of the reviews may be found on the Homegauge Reviews link which can be found in the top left menu area of this page or by clicking on the menu located at the top right corner on your mobile phone. This is where most clients leave reviews for Scheidt Home Inspection. You can also click on these links to find more reviews on Yelp and an article by Expertise magazine .

Why are Scheidt Home Inspection prices sometimes so much less than others?

Long story but here’s the short version…

Jerrold became a home inspector after his own home inspection experience when he bought his current home. He decided that he had to do something because he didn’t want anyone taken advantage of as he had been. He knew about building and maintaining a home but nothing about what home inspectors do. As a deputy he loved serving his community. As a retired deputy becoming a home inspector gave him a new way to continue helping those in his community. His goal is to help as many people as possible. THIS is why he keeps prices as reasonable as possible. If you provide him with all the information about the size of the home/property you would like inspected, he can give you an accurate quote.

Why do small, older homes cost the same to inspect as a larger or newer home?

Though older homes are often about 1000 square feet or even less, they can pose many challenges that require careful inspection.

The components that make up the home’s electrical wiring  and plumbing systems could be a mix of 100+ year-old technology, and as new as last weeks. This is a common challenge and requires a bit of extra time to inspect and also more time to write up in a report. Older homes also have crawlspaces and additions that need to be inspected carefully for possible unseen construction, plumbing and foundation problems.  To be thorough, the average older home takes up to twice as long to inspect and more than twice as long for the report to be written as a new home.

How and When to schedule your home inspection

The most common timeframe given for a home inspection is 10 -17 days. In order to have your home inspection completed and your report ready when you need them, it is best to schedule your home inspection as soon as you are given your timeframe for inspections. Even waiting a few days can make a difference as we usually schedule inspections 7 to 10 days out. Give yourself the most options by calling us right away to be sure that we are available when you need us to be. We can be reached at 559-470-4102 or at

If you are working with a real estate agent we will be happy to work with them to schedule your inspection. Please give your agent the dates and times you are available then have them call Jerrold Scheidt at 559-470-4102.

Would you like to be present during your home inspection so that you can ask questions? Great! He’ll see you there!

What type of inspection do you need?

Click here to find out what you need to know before your inspection.

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After your inspection: When do you get your report?

You can expect to receive an email with instructions on viewing your report within 24 hours of your inspection. Have you paid for your inspection? You may not be able to view Though it is uncommon, if there are a considerable number of defects found in your home, the report could take additional time to write. My goal is to provide you with the best report possible.

You will have access to your inspection report online 24/7, after payment has been received.

You can also log in to your report by clicking here, Report Log-in/  You will need the username and password that were sent to you to log-in and view your report.  Once you log-in to your report, you can print it out at your convenience-  any time, day or night.

Are you are an investor or landlord? You will find that our inspections are an invaluable tool for ongoing property maintenance and asset management. Rental property that is inspected in a regular schedule has the potential to be better maintained. Items needing maintenance can be identified which could help prevent major damage. Even small leaks that can go unnoticed have the potential to cause huge problems. We recommend having rental properties inspected at least once a year.

We are also available to help you when you are not able to be in town to verify that scheduled renovations and repairs to your property are being done in a timely manner and up to the standards you expect, and with the materials you have paid for. We have worked with various investors to help them keep contractors on task and on time, with quality work.

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